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MSS 382
The José F. Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism Collections: Juana & Jesse Gonzales Papers

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Special Collections
Michigan State University Libraries
100 Main Library
East Lansing, MI 48824
URL: http://specialcollections.lib.msu.edu

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September, 2006 - April, 2011

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Donated by Juana & Jesse Gonzales

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Collection Summary:

6 boxes, 1949-2000. This archive contains 6 boxes of reports, newsletters, reprints, unpublished papers and news clippings collected by Jesse & Juana Gonzales since the late 1960's through 2006. A significant part of the collection dates from the mid-1960's through the mid- 1980's and relates to Chicano student activism on campuses, Chicanos and Latinos in the arts and materials on the history of Chicanos and Latinos in Michigan including agricultural labor and migrant workers. This collection is part of the José Treviño Chicano/Latino Activism Collection at MSU.

Historical Background:

Juana (de los Santos) Gonzales was born in Mercedes, Texas and Jesse Gonzales was born in Albion, Michigan. In their youth they worked with their families as agricultural field workers. She is a graduate of Michigan State University earning both a BA and MA. Jesse received his BA from MSU and MA from the University of Michigan. Both were student activists during the 1960's - 1970's and accumulated materials from their memberships and participation in social and art organizations.

Juana Gonzales was active in the Chicano student movement at MSU having served on campus-wide committees including the MSU Presidential Search Committee in 1978 (M. Cecil Mackey. She was a teacher in the East Lansing School District and active in community organizations. Jesse Gonzales was active in the Chicano student movement at MSU and U of M and was employed by MSU in the 1980's. He is the author of “El Calendario Hispano de Michigan” which provides chronological information of Chicanos and Hispanics in Michigan history. He has remained active in photography and samples of his work can be found in this collection.

An oral history interview was conducted by students in MSU American Studies 881 in 2007 with Mr. Gonzales and the collection (Box 6 Folder 24).

Processing Note:

The Juana and Jesse Gonzales papers were processed by Diana Rivera September 2010- April 2011.

Index Terms:

Hispanics -- Michigan

Mexican Americans-- Michigan

Mexican Americans - Education (Higher)-Michigan

MEChA (Organization)

Michigan State University -- Students

Migrant Labor -- Michigan

Student Movements -- Michigan


The Gonzales papers are indexed and housed in 6 boxes. Books, reports and newspapers have been separated from this archive and integrated into the book and periodical collection as needed.

Box Folder File Name
1 1 Acuña, Rodolfo: Author Talk at the University of Michigan, 1973
  2 Alfaro, José Jesus on Diego Rivera, muralist [Detroit, MI.] [see also Box 5 Folder 88 : Rivera, Diego]
  3 Amaya, Abel. "On Chicanos In Higher Education" in La Luz June 1974
  4 Arce, Carlos "Chicanos in Higher Education" in Integrated Education, vol. 14, no 3, 1976
  5 Arnaz, Desiderio [Desi] [Entertainer]
  6 Arredondo, Adelfa, "Thoughts on Institutional Machismo"
  7 Association of Chicanos for College Admissions-ACCA (Michigan)
  8 Baez, Joan: Performer/Singer
  9 Baker, B. Kimball: "The St. Patrick's Fought For Their Skins and Mexico" in Smithsonian v8:12
  10 Ballesteros, David. "Meeting instructional needs of Chicano Students" in NCRIEEO Newsletter, Vol. 3 #3
  11 Barron, Jose (Pepe) "Chicanos in the Community College" in Community and Junior College Journal, June/July 1972
  12 Barron, Jose (Pepe) "Miguel Mendez M.: Chicano Teacher in a Community College" s.l. s.n., n.a.
  13 Beltran, Juan [John] Businessman [Lansing, MI.]
  14 Bidlack, Russell E. Letters Home: The Story of Ann Arbor's Forty-Niner's, 1960 (photography)
  15 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- )
  16 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Bibliography of Migrant Education Newspaper Clipping File
  17 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) El Calendario Hispanic de Michigan, 1981
  18 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) "Do Chicanos Have a History?"
  19 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Note cards on [Chicano and Mexican History]
  20 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Notes on Manifest Destiny
  21 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Notes on Michigan Agricultural Workers in Michigan
  22 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Notes on Mexican War 1847 "The Mexican War" George Fuller
  23 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Notes on Stewart White "The Forty Niners" and F. Clever Bolds' "Michigan in Four Centuries"
  24 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Notes on the Spanish Conquest of Niles, MI. [1767?]
  25 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- )- Office of Supportive Services
  26 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Published story on Deganawidah-Quetzalcoalt University, Davis C.A.
  27 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Unpublished Paper "Chicanismo and Consciousness" n.d.
  28 Biography: Gonzales, Jesse (1947- ) Unpublished Paper "Chicanismo as a diversity and independent thinking" [n.d.]
  29 Bishop Flores in Michigan, Freemont News, 1971
  30 Blitman, Nan and Green, Robin "Inez Garcia on Trial"
  31 Camejo, Peter: Politician, Socialist Workers Party
  32 Cardenas, Gilbert and Parra, Ricardo. "La Raza in Midwest and Great Lakes Region" (1973)
  33 Carr, Vicki: Performer/Singer
  34 Carter, J. Langford "Making It Happen in Michigan" (1978)
  35 Carter, Thomas "The Way Beyond Bilingual Education" in Civil Rights Digest, Fall 1970
  36 Castañeda, Alfredo and Gray, Tracy "Bi-cognitive Processes in Multi Cultural Education" in Educational Leadership Vol.32:3, 1974
  37 Castillo, John Roy [Michigan Civil Service]
  37.1 Castillo, Leonel : Immigration and Naturalization Service (9-25-1976)
  38 Castro, Raul - Politician, Arizona Governor
  39 Central Michigan University. Admissions
  40 Central Michigan University: "Appleblossom"
  41 Cesar E. Chavez Foundation
  42 Chavez, Cesar Estrada, Labor Organizer
  43 Cheeves, Lyndell "Mexican American Studies Guidelines for a Jr. College Program", 1969 [Eric Report ED036 286]
  44 Chicano Advisory Committee of the Lansing Board of Education. "Statement Purpose and Bylaws"
  45 Chicano Veterans Assoc. MSU 11/1/1971
  46 Cinco de Mayo 1977 [Lansing, MI]
  47 Claremont [California] Colleges: El Centro de Estudios Chicanos/Chicano Studies Center-M.E.C.H.A.
  48 Clive, Alan "The Michigan Farmer in World War II", in Michigan History,1976
  49 Colegio Cesar Chavez (Mt. Angel, Oregon)
  50 Colegio de La Tierra (Del Rey, CA)
  51 Colegio Jacinto Treviño (Mercedes, TX)
  52 College Recruitment Association for Hispanics (CRAH)
  53 College Recruitment Association for Hispanics (CRAH) "We Want the Best for Our Children"
  54 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs Annual Reports
  55 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs Correspondence, Misc.
  56 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs: Hispanic Heritage Month Schedule of Events [1995-1999]
  57 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs History and Purpose
  58 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs Newsletters - El Informe
  59 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs News clippings
  60 Commission on Spanish Speaking Affairs Publications
  61 Como Solicitar Empleo en El Estado de Michigan
  62 Conferences: Mujeres Unidas de Michigan Conference, Holy Redeemer, Detroit 1974
  63 Conferences: Chicano Proposal Writing Conference, University of Michigan, 1974
  64 Conferences: Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional, 1973
  65 Conferences Consortium of Colleges and Universities for Latino Education [in Michigan] "Concept and Purpose"
  66 Conferences: First National Conference on Counseling Minorities and Disadvantage
  67 Conferences: La Voz the Michigan Conference: Port Huron 1979
  68 Conferences: Latino Conference on Organizing for Change-MDE 1978
  69 Conferences: Latinos and Higher Education Conference, 1979 (Dekalb, Il.)
  70 Conferences: Michigan Education and the Latino, Mercy College, Farmington Hills, MI. - 1975
  71 Conferences: Michigan Hispanic Education Awards, 1995
  72 Conferences: Michigan Department of Education Statewide Education Conference (Lansing, MI.) 1981,1982
  73 Conferences: Michigan Education Association, 1973
2 1 Conferences: Chicana/o Student Leadership, Phoenix College, 1997 "A Wish for Leaders"
  2 Conferences: National Association for Chicano Studies, 1982 (Ypsilanti, MI)
  3 Conferences: Seventh Annual Mid West Regional FOCO Conference MSU November 2,3 1984
  4 Conferences: Texas Annual [1987] Migrant Education Conference "Exemplary Migrant Students"
  5 Conferences: The Higher Education of Chicanos: Status and Policies, April 27-29, 1978 (Los Angeles, CA)
  6 Conferences: The Michigan Conference on Hispanics and the Media, 1979 Kellogg Center-MSU, East Lansing, MI
  7 Conferences: The Second Annual Inter-Agency Hispanic Conference, 1980 Lansing Community College (Lansing, MI)
  8 Conferences: Various Hispanic Conference Brochures
  9 Consumer's League of Michigan: Letter to Governor Sigler (February 13, 1947)
  10 Cordoba, Marcella & Rose Marie Roybal "Bibliografia de la Chicana"
  11 DeAnda, Jose "The Chicano and Higher Education" in Association of Mexican American Educators. Newsletter, 1973
  12 de la Isla, Jaime "Chicano. Boricua Studies at Wayne State University" in Latino en Marcha
  13 del Olmo, Frank. "The Invasion of Illegals" in Race Relations Reporter, 1973
  14 Detroit- El Centro De Salud Mental: Latino Mental Health, Outreach Program
  15 Detroit La Esperanza: A Program for Latino Youth (Pamphlet)
  16 Detroit- Public Schools: Hon. Juan Jose Martinez
  17 Detroit- Repertory Theatre: Exhibition: On the March
  18 Directory of Michigan Municipal Employees (Hispanic)- 1980 [notes]
  19 Documents Accompanying The Journal of House/ Senate (1848)
  20 Educational Resources Information Center ERIC/CRESS
  21 Elderkin, James D. Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes… The Mexican War…", 1899 (photo copy)
  22 Elizondo, Sergio D. "Critical Areas of Need for Research and Scholastic Study" In Epoca vol. 1, no 2, 1971
  23 Epstein, Marshall. "The California Gold Rush" (Notes On)
  24 Exelrod, Alan. "Chicano Education In Swann's Way?" in Inequality in Education #9, August 1971
  25 Fender, Freddy (Baldemar Huerta) Performer/Musician
  26 Flint. Spanish Speaking Information Center
  27 "Food Not Bombs" "Farming for the Revolution", 1996 [Ann Arbor]
  28 Garcia, Percy Drug Money $500,000 (Detroit Free Press)
  29 Gomez, Fernando C. Course Syllabi MSU-CUD-RES
  30 Gomez, Fernando C. "Past and Precedent" in Agenda [N.D.]
  31 Gomez Oscar Enrique Police Brutality Santa Barbara, CA.
  32 Gonzalez Jane Politician, Michigan
  33 Gonzales, Jesse (authored newspaper articles)
  34 Gonzales, Jesse. "La Historia de los Betabeleros" (The Story of the Sugar beet Workers) (1983)
  35 Gonzalez, Sylvia A. "Process for Examining Cultural Relevancy" in Consortium Currents, 1984
  36 Guerrero, Andres WKAR Disk Jockey
  37 Guerrero, Frank Politician, Ingham County
  38 Guzman, Ralph "Ethics in Federally Subsidized Research- Case of the Mexican American" in The Mexican American: A New Focus on Opportunity, 1967
  39 Haney, Jane. Flint-Lansing Chicano Migration 1976 (Summary of Statistical Findings)
  40 Hartmire, Wayne C. Jr. "The Flight of Seasonal Farm Workers: Christian Conscience Demands Their Organization" in Christianity and Crisis (vol.xxv no. 16) 10-14-1965
  41 Henderson, Max "Sugar Beet Labor in 1940" in Field and Factory, February 1940
  42 Hernandez, Danny Performer/Musician [Lansing, MI]
  43 "Hispanic Americans: Soon The Largest Minority in TIME 10-16-1978
  44 Hispanic Educational Data (Misc.)
  45 Hispanics in Michigan Project 1982
  46 Holland - Centro Latino de Servicios Humanos (HOY)
  47 Holland - Latino Fine Arts Festival 1976
  48 Home Missions Council Annual Report, 1940
  49 Jackson, Jacquelyne "Illegal Aliens: Big Threat to Black Workers" in Ebony, April 1979
  50 Jackson, MI - LULAC
  51 Juarez- Lincoln Bilingual/ Bicultural Center (Ft. Worth, TX.)
  52 Kemp, L. W. and Ed Kilman. The Battle of San Jacinto and the San Jacinto Campaign, 1947 (reprint)
  53 Kibbe, Pauline R. "Bibliography" in Latin Americans in Texas, 1946
  54 La Raza Advisory Committee, 1976-1977, 1977-1978 Annual Report (2)
  55 La Raza Citizen's Committee for Education [Michigan]
  56 La Raza Unida - Michigan 1967
  57 Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)
  58 Lansing - C.W. OTTO Junior High School, Lansing "Spanish Week" 1976
  59 Lansing - Chicano Advisory Committee
  60 Lansing - Comité Patriotico (1982)
  61 Lansing - IMAGE: Lansing 1979
  62 Lansing - Interagency Hispanic Conference 1980
  63 Lansing - Mayor's Office HAC
  64 Lansing - R.A.S.A.S.: Past, Present, Future
  65 Lansing - Sol de Aztlan (Quinto Sol)
  66 Lansing Community College Student Pickets, 1976
  67 Lansing School District, C.W. Otto Junior High School. "Spanish Week, 1976"
  68 Latinos in Lenawee County Michigan ca. 1940-1980
  69 Leake, Paul "Mexican War" in History of Detroit, 1912. Vol.1 Chapter XXI pp 146-148
  70 Lebeaux, C.N. and G. Salas. Latino Life and Social Needs: A Detroit Survey
  71 Lloyd, Rees and Peter Montague. :Ford and La Raza: They Stole Our Land and gave us Powdered Milk" in Ramparts [n.d.]
  72 Lopez de Pereida, Ester Luz 1889-1973 Lansing's Mexican American First Families
  73 Lopez, Hank "Back to Bachimba" in Horizon IX:I (Winter 1967)
  74 Lopez, Nancy (Sports)
  75 LULAC: National Educational Service Center
  76 Conferences: Michigan State University - Excellence in Diversity, 1991
  77 Conferences: Midwest Conference on the Education of Hispanics, 1980
  78 DeLeon, Lupe Correspondence to Richard Chavez UFN
  79 Hispanic Leadership Program. Directory of Hispanic Organizations
  80 Renacimiento, El Agendas, Records (1980), Presentation to MI Jaycees 1973-1974
3 1 Saginaw Diocese: Latin American Affairs of Saginaw
  2 Saginaw Diocese: Latin American Affairs of Saginaw Diocese 1972-1973 Report
  3 Saginaw Diocese: The Bishops Committee for the Spanish Speaking
  4 Saginaw Michigan: Various Programs/Articles, 1977-1980
  5 Saginaw Public Schools, Department of Evaluation Services: Evaluation Report-Dropout Study
  6 Lansing: Odeon Theater and Latino Films
  7 Saginaw Union Civica Mexicana: 1976 Program and Annual Statement
  8 Social Work: Trabajadores de la Raza
  9 Unpublished Papers: Ivie, Stanley
  10 United Migrants for Opportunity(UMOI): Articles of Incorporation (3/8/1967)
  11 United States Census Bureau: "Excerpts from the 1970 Census" (Michigan Spanish Speaking)
  12 US Department of Commerce: Persons of Spanish Origin in the United States: March 1979
  13 United States Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census; Population Characteristics: Persons of Spanish...1976, 1978
  14 United States: Equal Employment Opportunity: 1970-1971, 1974
  15 United States: Equal Employment Opportunity: 1978-1979
  16 University Employee: H.E.G.I.S. 1975
  17 United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  18 United States Department of Labor: Labor Unionism in American Agriculture (Adrian Beet field Strikes (1945)
  19 United States Department of Labor Farm Placement Service: Mexican Workers for United States Agriculture, 1953
  20 United States House of Representatives Committee on Education & Labor (Hearing Part 17: Title 1, State Migrant Program)
  21 University of Michigan: School of Education Position, 1972 (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  22 University of Michigan: Admissions/Recruitment 1964-1973
  23 University of Michigan: Chicano/Latino Organizations
  24 University of Michigan: Chicano Students
  25 University of Michigan. Confederation of Chicano Students, 1972
  26 University of Michigan. La Raza Law Students
  27 University of Michigan: "Michigan Alumni Inter-American Affairs: in HAHR # 23, 1943
  28 University of Michigan. MECHA (Constitution, 1975; Newsletters, 1974-1975)
  29 University of Michigan. MECHA. Admissions Survey (1974)
  30 University of Michigan. MECHA: Chicano Awareness Week (1974)
  31 University of Michigan: "Report of the Committee to Study Advocacy at the University of Michigan", 1975
  32 University of Michigan School of Social Work: Latino Community
  33 University of Notre Dame: "Research and Documentation Project. Monograph Series on La Raza in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region", October 1972
  34 Unpublished Papers; Arce, Carlos "Profile of Chicanos in Michigan [University of]"
  35 Unpublished Papers; Arizpe, Raul Miguel- The Application of Chicano Cultural and Philosophical Concepts to Counseling Theory
  36 Unpublished Papers: Chapa, Evey-A Concept Paper
  37 Unpublished Papers; de la Isla, Jaime "New Chicano Programs for the Fiscal Years, 1973-1974 MECHA/OSSP (University of Michigan)"
  38 Unpublished Papers; Duran, Patricia Herrera, "The Chicano: A Preliminary Bibliographic Study"
  39 Unpublished Papers: Garcia, Michael J. "Instructional Resources for the Study of Hispanic Americans in the United States" [198?]
  40 Unpublished Papers: Goldsen, Rose K. "Cleaning the Air or How Fares the First Amendment--Is it Alive and Well?"
  41 Unpublished Papers: Gonzales, Jesse "The College and University in Michigan's Hispanic History 1899-1981"
  42 Unpublished Papers [Gonzales, Jesse ?] "Interviews with Three Chicano Community College Personnel", 1972
  43 Unpublished Papers: Gonzales, Jesse "Interview with Dolores Ramirez, Delta Community College" December 16, 1976
  44 Unpublished Papers: Gonzales, Jesse "Interview with Horacio Vargas, Lansing Community College" December 7, 1976
  45 Unpublished Papers: Gonzales, Jesse [Remarks/Reactions to article by Muhs, Popp & Patterson "The Mexican American in Higher Education:...]
  46 Unpublished Papers: Gonzales, Jesse "Selected Annotated Bibliography: Native Americans in Higher Education-1976-1979"
  47 Unpublished Papers: Gonzales, Jesse "The Chicano Presence in Higher Education". "The Chicano Counselor and Counselor", "Chicano Myths & Realities of the Southwestern Indians"
  48 Unpublished Papers: Lara-Braud, Jorge "Hispanic Americans and the Crisis in the Nation" [196?]
  49 Unpublished Papers: Martinez, Richard "Proposal Writing" (197?)
  50 Unpublished Papers: Melton, Father Joseph "Christ's Mission & Migratory Workers in Michigan"
  51 Unpublished Papers: Ortiz, Lydia "Migrant Program Recruitment Proposal for 1978" University of Michigan
  52 Unpublished Papers: Padilla, Raymond "Chicano Students: How to Make College Material", 1971
  53 Unpublished Papers: Reul, Myrtle R. (Levels of Expectation Among Minority Groups)
  54 Unpublished Papers: Unknown "The Chicana and the Women Rights Movement"
  55 Unpublished Papers; Sanchez, Elena; Untitled Poem for the Organizational Meeting of the Spanish Speaking Democrats October 1974 [Eng. & Sp.]
  56 Unpublished Papers, University of Michigan, "How to find Chicano Material in the [U of M] Undergraduate Library", etc. [1974?] Harlan Hatcher Library
  57 Washington Post: "MexAmerica" [5 part series] March 26, 1978
  58 Wayne State University Center for Chicano Boricua Studies
  59 WPA/Chicago Public Library, The Chicago Foreign Language Survey: A General Description of its Contents, 1942
4 1 Adrian- A Multi-Service Center Serving the Spanish Speaking Community: E. Zapata Freedom Center. (Pamphlet)
  2 Albion- Day of the Dead: Albion College 1998
  3 Arenas, Rosa Maria
  4 Arts and Tradition
  5 Bailes (Dances) Mejicanos
  6 Bay City- Guadalupe Chapel and Center (Bay City, MI)
  7 Boulevard Nights (the movie)
  8 Canciones Chicanas (songs)
  9 Canto al Pueblo, History of
  10 Cardona, Ana: Bibliography on Raza Art [1973?]
  11 Central Michigan University La Raza [1974?]
  12 Chicano Art Exhibit cards [ca 1978-1981]
  13 Chicano Bibliography
  14 Chicano-Boricua Art Interviews [ca. 1971?]
  15 Chicano/Hispanic Artists
  16 Chicano/Mexicano Graphics
  17 Chicano Muralists
  18 Chicano Renaissance by Philip D. Ortega
  19 Chicanos in Higher Education
  20 Chicano Students, Stanford University, California
  21 Chicano Studies, Bakersfield College, California
  22 Cooperative Extension and Chicanos (MSU) 1972
  23 Council of Latino Photographers/USA and Misc.
  24 Despain, Loy K. and Gilbert D. Orrantia. Fiesta de Oportunidades For Mesa [C.C.] reprint article. [s.l., s.n., n.d.]
  25 Detroit Church History [notes on]
  26 Detroit Fiesta (Quinceanera) 1979
  27 Eastern Michigan University- Bilingual/Bicultural Education
  28 Education, Health & Welfare of Michigan's Migrant Worker - D. of Public Instruction 1946
  29 El Ratoncito Saltante MSU Teatro Script (N. Caceres; L. Cavazos; C. Anaya), 1974
  30 Encuentro Femenil, San Francisco, CA
  31 [Office of the President]. Executive Order: Establishing the President's Commission on Migratory Labor (6-30-1950)
  32 Garza, Jose [Aztatl] Interview, 1998
  33 Gonzales, Jesse "The Coming of Age of Paloma Sylvestre & other plays, 1974-1982
  34 Harris, Fred for President Committee
  35 H.A.S.T.A. (Jackson Prison)[Organizational Report; poems]
  36 Higher Education, Latinos/Minorities 1979-1982
  37 Hispanic Americans Arts and NEA
  38 "Hispanic People and Traditions in Michigan" Exhibit RFP, 1982
  39 Hispanic Women's Group, Fennville, MI 1994
  40 Hispanics In the USA
  41 Hispanos En Marcha - Grand Rapids Junior College, Grand Rapids, MI
  42 History of Art - Latin American Art syllabus
  43 History of Puerto Rican Poster Exhibit, 1978
  44 Holland Michigan The Year in Review, 1987
  45 Gonzales, Rudolfo "Corky" at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti. [signed program pamphlet & pin]
  46 Kahlo, Frida
  47 Kent County Hispanic Coalition
  48 Lansing Diocese. Bishop's Committee For the Spanish Speaking. Handbook.
  49 Lansing Eastern High School
  50 Lansing Pattengill Jr. High School Walkout, March 9, 1970
  51 L.A.S.E.D.: Detroit: "Latinos En Marcha" 1 of 2
  52 L.A.S.E.D.: Detroit: "Latinos En Marcha" 2 of 2
  53 Latin Americans United for Political Action (1967), Michigan (Michigan Civil Rights Commission Box 74-90 Lot 2
  54 Latino Caucus of Detroit, 1972
  55 Latino Outreach and Community Service Center: "La Voz". Detroit
  56 Lopez, Manuel I. "Role of the Chicano Student in the Chicano Studies Program," 1970
  57 Macias, Ysidro Ramon. "Evolution of the Mind" reprinted from El Pocho Che, July 1969
  58 [Serials/Periodicals] M.A.L.D.E.F. Leading Hispanics Newsletter
  59 Martinez, Angelina, 1978
  60 Martinez, Richard (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor) 1974 and Proposed Office of Chicano Programs Development 1974
  61 Mathews, Linda. "Rodriguez and Friends" in Race Relations Reporter, Vol. 4 no. 13, July 1973
  62 McWilliams, Carey. "Mexicans to Michigan" in Common Ground [n.d.]
  63 MEChA, California State University-Long Beach: "Role of the Chicano Student in the Chicano Studies Program"
  64 MEChA PRE 1972 (Michigan State University) [envelope only]
  65 MEChA ( U of WI, Whitewater)
  66 Mendoza, Nora Chapa
  67 Menefee, Selden C. Mexican Migratory Workers of South Texas, 1941
  68 Mexican American Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX
  69 Mexican Americans in Michigan, 1938-1986
  70 "Mexican Folktales From Lansing": D. Peppler 1947
  71 Mexicanos Adelante Sociedad: Ecorse, 1976-1980
  72 The Mexico Today Symposium, Detroit Institute of Arts, 1978-1979
  73 Proposal for a Bilingual/Bicultural Minor, MSU, 1973
  74 Michigan Catholic Welfare Conference: 1947
  75 [Michigan] Chicano Student Coalition Minutes (also Michigan Hispanic Student Coalition By Laws)
  76 Michigan Civil Rights Commission- A Field Study of Migrant Workers in Michigan 1969
  77 Michigan Dept. of Education: Children of the Fields (2)
  78 Michigan Dept. of Education: 1977-1978 Fact Book on Higher Education
  79 Michigan Dept. of Education: Dropout Data by Race & Ethnicity, 1976-1977
  80 Michigan Dept. of Education: Early Elementary-level Social Studies Textbooks
  81 Michigan Dept. of Education: Michigan in Books (MI Foundations vol. 13 no. 4)
  82 Michigan Dept. of Education: "Migrant Education Pre-School Checklist" 1978
  83 Michigan Dept. of Education: State Library. "Reaching out to the Spanish Speaking" 10-9-1972
  84 Michigan Dept. of Education: Student Financial Assistance, 1977 Higher Education Fact Book, 1978-79, School Racial-Ethnic Census, 1978-79 1979-80
  85 Michigan Dept. of Education: The People of Michigan
  86 Michigan Dept. of Public Health: Agricultural Labor Camps, 1965; 1978
  87 Mexican Americans - Misc. ERIC Reports, ca. 1970-1971
  88 Michigan Employment Security Commission - Farm Labor & Rural Manpower Post Season Report, 1969
  89 Michigan Employment Security Commission - Research and Statistics Division [CETA], 1973;1975
  90 Michigan Ethnic Heritage Series, 1981 (Notes on)
  91 Michigan Farm Worker Ministry Coalition 1981-1983
  92 Michigan Historical Pensamientos, (Notes on)
  93 Michigan Historical Society of Michigan Conference, 1981
  94 Michigan History Division. "Blacks and Chicanos in Urban Michigan" 1979
  95 Michigan Inter-Agency Committee on Migratory Labor, 1952
  96 Michigan Justice in Arizona [notes on]
  97 Michigan Latino Agencies, [1983?]
  98 Michigan Migrant Ministry, 1966-1971
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  101 Michigan Migrant Ministry Training, 1969
  102 Michigan Migrants, 1940
  103 Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collection (notes on)
5 1 Michigan Spanish Speaking Democrats [Constitution and by laws; Minutes of Meetings; Miscellaneous]
  2 "Michigan State Prisons Statistical Report" [notes on]
  3 MSU Chicano History week, 1981
  4 MSU Chicano Persistence, 1982
  5 MSU Communicator, Notes on Mexicans and Migrants in MI
  6 M[ichigan] S[tate] U[niversity] Grape/Lettuce Boycott Policy 1975
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  13 Michigan State University: Graduate Assistantships-Fall Semester 1981
  14 Michigan State University: Historical Data on Chicanos: c. 1970-1980
  15 Michigan State University: Puerto Rican [Heritage] Week 1980
  16 Michigan State University: Report on the Role of Michigan State University in Research, Service and Education for Chicanos…
  17 Michigan State University: Service Learning Center
  18 Michigan State University: TRIO Programs (Upward Bound, Office of Supportive Services, Office of Programs for Handicapper Services), Alumni lists, 1984
  19 Mid West Canto Al Pueblo (Milwaukee, WI) 4/28/1977 [see also Martinez, Gilberto poster collection]
  20 Montalban, Ricardo (Performer/Actor)
  21 Migrant Workers in the State of Michigan (MASCD); and miscellaneous, 1940-197?
  22 Migrants: University [Michigan State University] Affiliated Migrant Research Service Report [1969]
  23 Migration: National Defense Migration [Detroit] hearings, 1941 Part 19
  24 Milwaukee, Wisconsin "The Early Years of the Hispanic Community in Milwaukee: An Exhibit by the Spanish Speaking Outreach Institute"
  25 Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Mexican American Heritage
  26 Michigan State University. Office of Institutional Research. Minority Enrollments 1978, 1979; and misc. news clippings
  27 News clippings: Chicanos and Mexican Americans in Lansing, MI (community leaders, politics, families, women, 1976-
  28 Muhs, William, F. et al. "The Mexican American in Higher Education: Implications for Educators" in Personnel and guidance Journal, B. 58:1, 1979 with comments by Jesse Gonzales.
  29 Murals articles and clippings
  30 Murillo, Louis. "Bilingual Education" in Michigan State Economic Record vol. 16 no. 1, 1974
  31 National Chicano Scholars Network, 1977
  32 Native Americans in Michigan. (Includes MI Commission on Indian Affairs. The Indian in Michigan : Jackson County Historical Society. The Sentinel v 2:1, 1979 & misc. articles)
33 News clippings: MSU ChiSPA Reaction to El Toro Tequila game insert to the State News, 1976
  34 News clippings: Asian Americans in Michigan
  35 News clippings: Bilingual Education
  36 News clippings: Cesar Chavez Avenue, Lansing, MI
  37 News clippings: Chicanos and Mexican Americans in Michigan
  38 News clippings: African Americans in Michigan
  39 News clippings: Chicano Students: Michigan State University East Lansing, MI (1977- 1999) see also Box 5 folder 33
  40 News clippings: Eastern High School [Lansing, MI]
  41 News clippings: Education, Higher (including Diana Marinez, MSU Natural Science Dept. Chair; Wayne State University Law School
  42 News clippings: Education, Minority Group Treatment in Textbooks
  43 News clippings: Education - Latinos (Vorhauer; Moreno; Vargas)
  44 News clippings: Gallo Boycott, also flyers, including MI chapters
  45 News clippings: Hispanic Population Increases
  46 News clippings: Immigrants, immigration issues
  47 News clippings: Lansing, MI Chicano activists, children and leaders in sports, media, law
  48 News clippings: Lansing, MI police harassment/brutality
  49 News clippings: Lansing MI -Cristo Rey (articles on center, parish)
  50 News clippings: Lansing, MI Mexican American art & culture in area
  51 News clippings: Political Cartoons about Latinos
  52 News clippings: Migrants, (Michigan) 1940-1959
  53 News clippings: Migrants (from Ohio and Michigan, ca. 1940-1970's)
  54 News clippings: Puerto Ricans
  55 News clippings: Religion
  56 News clippings: Western Michigan University Chicano students; & CONSTITUTION OF CHICANO STUDENT MOVEMENT NOVEMBER 30, 1971
  57 News clippings: Women [miscellaneous]
  58 News clippings: Reies Lopez Tijerina in Lansing, MI (1978)
  59 MSU Chispa. Proposals La Raza Art & Literature Magazine, 1976; Michigan Conference on Hispanics and the Media, 1979
  60 Notes on Chicano Myths
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  62 Notes on Mexican Americans and Michigan
  63 Notes on The Don Stevens Collection (Migrant Labor)
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  78 Quinto Sol, Lansing MI
  79 La Hora Musico Cultural Radio (WPON-Bloomfield Hills, MI)
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6 1 Teatros
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  22 Villanueva, Danny. Profile of Mexican American businessman and VP in "Dewar's Profiles"
  23 Women : miscellaneous articles and pamphlets on positive images of women, identity, bibliography
24 Related items to The Papers of Juana and Jesse Gonzales. Includes a "Finders Guide", Timeline for …Papers; transcript of a December 2007 oral history interview with Jesse Gonzales. The contents of this folder were the products of an American Studies class project in the fall of 2007. The guide provides a 98 page topical guide to the collection. **note to users: This class-produced guide does not accurately reflect the organization of the boxes (in particular boxes4-6).

The following serials and periodicals were separated from the main group of papers, cataloged and added to the collection as needed.

Alambrazo, El (Lansing, MI) 1977, 1978, 1979

"Bajo el Sol/Under the Burning Sun (Berrien Springs, MI) [Michigan Migrants Legal Assistance Project]

Buen Hogar (Hollywood, FL).

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Caminos (Los Angeles, CA)

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Chicano Student Association. Eastern Michigan University. EL Aztlan

El Coqui (University of MI Ann Arbor, MI)

El Central, (Detroit, MI) April 1993-July 1998 inc.

El Cuhamil (San Juan, TX).

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El Mestizo Holland, MI, January 28, 1972.

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El Tiempo (MSU).

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